Emily's Bands
Monkley Cascade CD Monkley Cascade
GENRES: Motown, Funk, Classic Rock, Blues, Pop
5 Stars
A 6 piece Motown Band. Our repetoire includes the music of Aretha Franklin, Jackson 5, Bill Withers and basically all songs with 3-part vocals, dance breaks, 9th chords and tenor sax solos.
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Em With Them Em With Them
GENRES: Classic Rock, Motown, R&B
5 Stars
We are a 4 piece Classic Rock, Motown, and Blues Band. Our repertoire includes the music of Dusty Springfield, Bill Withers, the Beatles and many others that will meet your musical tastes.
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Emily Kemp's Jazz Band CD Emily's Jazz Band
5 Stars
A Diverse band that fluctuates for each event from 2 players to 6 players. Playing many songs recorded by Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Billy Holiday and many more.
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Emily Kemp Emily
Genres: A little bit of everything!
5 Stars
I Love to play many different genres of music which is why I play in so many different groups. If you would like, I can personalize group and song selection for your event
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