Emilys Events
Saturday July 6th @11:30am - 2pm
Em With Them
Burlington's Saturdays In the Square
Wednesday July 10th @ Noon-2
Em with Them
Ferguson Station
Saturday July 13th @ 9:30pm
Em with Them
Cat and Fiddle (Hamilton)
Friday July 19th @ Noon-2
Em With Them
Gore Park (Hamilton)
Saturday July 20th @ 3-7
Em with Them
SSB (Stoney Creek) Sucks Bangs Blows
Saturday August 3rd @ 9:30
Monkley Cascade
Sarcoa (57 Discovery Drive, Hamilton)
Friday August 9th @ 9:30
Em With Them
SBB (Stoney Creek)
Saturday August 17th @ 9:30
Monkley Cascade
Sarcoa (Hamilton)
Sunday September 1 @ 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Monkley Cascade
Burlington's Rib Fest